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We are currently looking for an experienced individual to join our sales team.

Meyer Wells builds elemental modern furniture from salvaged urban trees. Through these majestic materials, our work embodies the power of nature and captures the living story ingrained in every design.

Because our hands are literally in every step of the process -- from tree salvage, to saw-milling and kiln-drying, careful selection of materials, all the way through meticulously applied finishes -- we maintain an intimate relationship with our materials that yields distinctive and compelling results.

Green Tree Mill, the architectural wood product division of Meyer Wells salvages, mills, and transforms logs into practical and durable building products. We procure our logs exclusively from urban & rural salvage sources -- wood that otherwise would have been firewood or landfill -- or from local, FSC® Certified small forest land owners. FSC® product available upon request.

At Meyer Wells our values drive our business: sustainability, community, mastery of craft, and a modern approach to business and design. Furniture is our passion and we pursue it using premium salvaged materials transformed into beautiful objects for everyday use.

FSC® License: FSC-C041262

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