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This year we are launching new designs with a focus on details, layers and geometric shapes. We are concentrating our efforts on the little touches that make all the difference. From cord management in a metal base to a block table with two flat sides for endless configurations, our new products offer more than meets the eye. Look for new additions to this page throughout the year. 

briggs collection

Our Briggs Collection supports the growing need in the modern commercial office for mobility and technology while also providing that always important connection with nature. Both tables offer a sleek silhouette with plenty of workspace and room for customization with our standard wood and metal finishes. Of course the options don't end there. For more information about the Briggs Collection, read on in our Behind the Design article.

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finn laptop table

The Finn Laptop Table was designed to accommodate the collaborative environment of the commercial office. The footprint is minimal, making the table easy to move for meetings. The generous top is sized just right for a laptop, notepad and the always important cup of caffeine. Finn is the perfect table for the flexible workspace of today. 

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barlow collection

Our Barlow Collection was born from a desire to create space efficient pieces for the modern commercial office. The footprint is minimal - perfect for on-the-fly meetings and smaller spaces. Though don’t let the size fool you, these tables pack quite the punch of handy extras.

Read more about this collection in our Behind the Design article.

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tolt collection

Our Tolt Collection offers a lighter look at communal space furniture with the focus on angles, depth and perception. The pieces are casual -approachable - with a contemporary take on mid century flair.  

Read more about the details of this collection in our Behind the Design article.

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fairholm collection

Cord management is often at the top of the list of needs in commercial environments. To satisfy this need while also addressing the  rising trend toward steel base options, we developed the Fairholm Collection which provides concealed wire management for all your data requirements. 


The shape is whimsical - it's a friendly piece that draws you in. A closer look, though, gives rise to the details in the design. The adjacent flat sides, which allow for endless configurations. The scale of the piece itself, intentionally sized to provide comfortable use as a stool, side table or coffee table. Pair it, group it, use it on its own, even paint the top - make it yours.

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