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We offer several eco-friendly wood finishes on our furniture, all of which are low-VOC and HAPs free. The collection below represents a wide spectrum of shades on our standard wood species offerings of Maple, Ash, Walnut, Specialty Veneer and Premium Ply as well as some of our Special Order finishes on their offered species.

As variation in color and grain character are natural attributes inherent to solid wood, these sample are not meant to be used as control samples. We also offer custom finish development. Visit our custom finish gallery in custom fabrication section for examples. Download our care instructions for on-going maintenance. Review our top coat guide to determine the best top coat for your project needs.

standard finishes on solid wood

We offer Maple in both live and square edge profiles. Our Ash and Walnut are available in square edge. For custom options, please reach out to one of our sales representatives.

standard finishes on premium ply

standard finishes on specialty veneer

special order finishes

standard metal finishes

special order metal finishes

finish tear sheets