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At Meyer Wells, our client relationships are long lasting, ensuring a continued dialogue throughout the entire process from initial inquiry to care and maintenance. Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind custom dining table for your home or a desking system for a commercial project, we are committed to making your ordering experience enjoyable. Call us at 206.282.0076 or email us at

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Everyone who goes there leaves saying, thank you, that was amazing.
— Holly McKinley

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Call us at 206.282.0076 or email us at Or take a minute and submit a form below and we'll get back to you with information tailored to you. (*required field)

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shipping information

Local rates apply to deliveries made within a 50 mile radius of our Sumner woodshop and range from $150 - $250 depending on the size and quantity of your order. We blanket-wrap all local deliveries to save on cost and packaging waste and deliver your piece fully assembled unless otherwise noted. Blanket-wrap shipping is our preferred method of delivery as there is virtually no waste. 

The figure below shows approximate charges for shipments within the United States. As insurance, fuel surcharges, liftgate service and appointment delivery are based on individual cases, the prices below do not reflect these additions and should act merely as a guideline. Shipping quotes are generated upon request and are based on the specific needs of our clients.

Where crates are required please figure in an estimated cost of $500 for dining tables and $350 for coffee tables. Again, these prices are for general guidelines only.  

 * price does not include crate cost

* price does not include crate cost

product care instruction

Thank you for your recent purchase from Meyer Wells. It is our desire that this piece serve you well for many years to come in both form and function. We use the best environmentally safe furniture wood finishes on the market. The finish should hold up to daily use, but can be damaged by standing moisture and heat. Download our Furniture Care & Cleaning Instructions (PDF) to learn how you can care for your piece. 

FAQs: general sales

Do you deliver?

Yes, we will work with you to arrange the delivery of your product. We ask that you inform your sales consultant of your delivery needs so that we can ensure there are no delays when it comes time to ship. For more information on our estimated shipping rates, see our Shipping Information below.

Do you ship out of state?

We will work with you to ship your product anywhere in the United States. For out of the country shipments, we can arrange shipping to the port but it is your responsibility to handle all customs, duties and border crossings of your product unless otherwise discussed.

What is the lead time from order to completion?

Our standard lead time is 8 - 12 weeks from receipt of deposit, though this can vary based on a number of factors including the nature and size of your order. Making your inquiry as far in advance as possible is always a good idea. We will always do whatever we can to accommodate urgent deadlines.

How do I order an item?

There are several options for ordering based on the piece you are interested in purchasing. Our Currently Available inventory is purchasable online with a simple click to buy process. For our Modern Roots Collection, we offer a simple way to purchase as well with our Request For Follow Up form above, or you can reach one of our sales staff by calling 206.282.0076. If custom is the way you are leaning, please contact one of our sales consultants to get started on pricing and lead time.

Where can I see your products?

We have photos and descriptions of all our pieces on our website. Whether you are interested in our Modern Roots Collection, Conference Tables, a piece from our Currently Available inventory or a Custom Design, our products section will direct you to the best place to start your search.

Do you sell on-line?

Our Currently Available inventory is available for purchase online. Just click to buy!

Can I come by your office and buy a piece and take it home?

While we have a few pieces for sale in our Seattle office location, most of our currently available inventory is on display in our showroom and also on our website. If you see a piece you are interested in, please contact one of our sales consultants to schedule a time to meet you at our showroom.

Where does your wood come from?

We source our wood within a 100 mile radius of our mill which is located in Sumner, Washington. We collect most of our unique materials from residential areas in and around the Seattle metro area. 

Do you cut down trees?

We do not cut down trees. Ballard Tree Service and Seattle Tree Preservation are two local arborists who can work with you to cut down your trees.

Do you buy downed trees?

While we have purchased certain species from time to time, on average, the cost to haul the downed trees back to our mill almost always outweighs the worth of the wood. If it is a species we work with regularly, we will normally schedule a time to pick up the wood, provided it is already felled, limbed and placed at the curb of the residence for easy pick up.

Can I use my own tree for a project?

Yes. We have completed several site-sourcing projects for both residential and commercial clients. If you are interested in using a felled tree from your own residence or business location, please contact one of our sales consultants or refer to our Site Salvage page.

What is the cost to use my own tree?

There are many factors to consider with regards to the use of personal lumber for projects but we can at least provide you with a ballpark. Our milling rate is $2/boardfoot. Our kiln drying rate is $1/boardfoot. To pick up the lumber and deliver it to our mill is $125/hour.  Additional costs depend on the final application of the piece and can be discussed with one of our sales consultants.

I want a custom piece, how do I get started?

Our sales consultants are available to assist you with your custom piece. They can help you choose the right wood for your project and inform you of any considerations necessary to complete your one of a kind piece. Contact us today to get started on your next piece.

Do you sell slabs?

Our slab inventory is always changing and while we would love to offer our slabs for individual sale, currently, it is not feasible to do so. However, we are currently working on a slab shop site which will allow for visitors to select their slabs and bases based on selected inventory.

Can I pick out my own slab?

Once you meet with a sales consultant to discuss your vision for the project, we will take that information to our sourcing and slab inventory manager who will select several viable options from which you can choose the final slab. This process ensures that the best raw material is chosen for your individual needs based on years of experience working with each species. If you would still like to select your own slab, we do offer that service for an additional charge.

Where can I find out about Meyer Wells events?

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