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Become a part of Meyer Wells. We are a highly collaborative company with a holistic view and thoughtful processes. We hold our core values in high esteem and are looking for others to help us in our efforts. We are always looking for motivated individuals to join our team. Look for our list of open positions below to apply.

Meyer Wells has been engaged in numerous projects with NBBJ. What we admire and appreciate about Meyer Wells is their commitment and proactive approach to sustainability. Their position in the design community is strong. They should be credited with making companies like NBBJ commit to sustainability, to care about our own region, our own craft and support our local economy.
— Rysia Suchecka, Partner NBBJ

current open positions

Fabricator/Finisher - Contract - Sumner, WA (apply)

Sales & Business Development to Architecture and Interior Design Firms (download description)

we are a triple bottom line company

At Meyer Wells our values drive our business: sustainability, community, mastery of craft and a modern approach to business and design. Wood is our passion and we pursue it by transforming premium salvaged materials into beautiful furniture and architectural products.

Our furniture and other products are made in the Northwest from Northwest materials. The cost of our products reflects the actual cost of producing products in a responsible manner. We pay living wages, offer health benefits to our employees and support the local economy in a variety of ways. We meet or exceed strict environmental regulations, employee wage, health and safety standards. We embrace a “triple bottom line” approach to business, balancing economic needs of the company with high social and environmental standards. This may not be the case with products made in countries that don’t share our values and that fact is reflected in the cheaper price.

we run a responsible operation

We are working to keep the environmental impact of our business to a minimum and to be conscious of all our processes. From power use to people, we are constantly questioning our practices and seeking the best materials, products and policies. Some of the ways we do this include:

Local reclamation and production

We use a bioregional approach to producing and distributing our products. The vast majority of our materials are reclaimed from within a 100 mile radius of Seattle. While most of our pieces are completely fabricated in our shop, we use local vendors and subcontractors for glass and metal work as required. 


Our standard finish options are super low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) and HAPs (Hazardous Airborne Pollutants) free finishes. We also offer 100% botanical and VOC-free alternatives. There is no added formaldehyde in any of our finished products.


“Blanket-wrap” shipping is our preferred shipping method. This ensures that nearly all packaging is reused indefinitely resulting in minimal packaging waste. When crates are required, we use EcorrCrates whenever possible, which are 100% recyclable.

Product take back

We take back, at no charge, any product that we have made which is no longer needed or in use. We will recycle or reuse the material, as appropriate.

Design for disassembly and recycling

When designing our furniture, we keep in mind the end of its useful life. Everything we make is designed to be easily disassembled so that different materials can be sorted and recycled or composted.